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March 28, 2023



As we read the gospels, we read about Jesus and His ministry.  People were praising and laying down their coats and palm branches which meant triumph or honor.  It was a political statement indicating that they were saved.  Jesus was believed to be the one who would rescue them from their suffering under Roman rule.  They thought that Jesus was going to save them immediately.  They had seen in action the miracles firsthand and probably they thought Jesus was going to save  them immediately, but the story doesn’t end there.  God had a much bigger ending planned.  Think only a week and how things had changed.  The crowds turned against him and demanded a criminal to be released.  The people began to doubt, their promised king wasn’t supposed to die, he was supposed to conquer the Roman Empire and be a king.  Jesus didn’t meet their expectations.  In Luke 21:41 “As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it.”  He probably wept because of the rejection.  They couldn’t see how they needed a Savior to rescue them from their personal sins.  They wanted the easy road like us today.  Jesus wanted to save their souls and have a relationship with Him.  Today, He wants to walk, teach, encourage, rebuke, and love you, He wants you to know who He is.   Sometimes we predict how God is going to move in certain situations.  Our struggle might be one aspect of our faith, like finances.  We can believe God in some ways but not others.  Ask God for strength of faith for yourself, your family, your church and the new project (sanctuary).



Statements Ministers Would Love to Hear…

      1. I never noticed the sermon went over 20 minutes…
      2. Let’s step out in faith and just do it!
      3. I love it when we sing hymns we’ve never heard.
      4. I find witnessing more enjoyable than playing ball.
      5. I volunteer to be the one you can call on when there is something to be               done.



  Our church’s monthly business meeting was held last night with David Bergman discussing the plan for building expansion.  It was decided to go with a wood frame and do in three phases.  The cost for phase one is approximately $100,000, which will be the shell for a new sanctuary.    Any contributions of any amount would greatly be appreciated.  We are a small church but we are a very caring and loving church.  We trust and pray that this is God’s Will for our church.

     In Genesis 6 tells that Noah did everything just as God commanded; In 1 Kings 18 tells of Elijah calling the fire down from Heaven;   Matthew 14: 28-tells of Peter having the courage of stepping out to walk to Jesus but like so many of us today “When he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord save me!”

     Jim Brady wrote a song several years ago when he left the “Booth Brothers” which is called “Steppin Out in Faith”.  We believe at Antioch that is what we are doing “Steppin Out in Faith”. 

 “Steppin Out in Faith”

  I’m stepping out in faith; I’m walking on the water

Trusting in The Father; knowing He’ll be with me all the way

I’m stepping out in faith though winds will blow against me

I will claim the victory; resting in His all sufficient grace

I’m stepping out, stepping out in faith


Oh, I don’t have to fear what comes tomorrow

Or know what exactly what the future holds

For the God of all creation goes before me

And I can rest assured He’s in control

So I’ll just keep a walkin’ on this journey

Following The One who knows the way

And though sometimes my faith may start to wave

I’ll take the leap.  I’m stepping out in faith.

Pray for “Antioch”!  If you could help in any way

we would appreciate.

“Thank You”

God Bless



 If you would like to give to Antioch you can send checks to to Antioch Baptist Church of Centralia and send to 1249 E. Hwy 22 Centralia, MO, or we do have “online giving.”

Sunday, April 2nd,  Sunday school 9:30

                                                         Morning Worship  10:45

                                                         Dedication of the crosses

                                                          Carry-in meal after dedication

                                                         Evening Worship  6:00 

Wednesday, March 29th, Bible Study at 6.

                    Sunday, April 9th, Easter Sunday:  Sunday School 9:30, Morning worship 10:45



Don’t forget to save Best Choice Labels, & save all sales tickets from Moser’s (any Moser’s store).  We need 100 labels to make 1000.  We can use your help.

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Prayer Requests:  Pray for Bro. Eric & Trisha as they lead the church and pray for our church families; churches; friends; health care workers; President & Vice President; leaders; servicemen; and many who are ill. 

Sunday school 9:30; worship 10:45; and Sunday evening service 6:00 P.M. “facebookpastorerichill, web page at; or you tube for more news and Messages